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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst), also called SEPA Instant Payment, provides for instant crediting of a payee, the delay being less than ten seconds, initially, with a maximum of twenty seconds in exceptional circumstances.

With the spread of smartphones and electronic commerce, the digitalisation of the economy entails a general acceleration of payments. Customers make internet purchases anywhere and at any time, including during evening hours, weekends and holidays – periods when most traditional electronic payments are not operational. Suppliers, on the other hand, want the certainty of being paid as soon as they sell their goods and services. The scheme fulfils these expectations.

BankCountryReadiness Date
bunq B.V. The Netherlands 11.12.2017
TransferWise Europe SA/NV Belgium 04.06.2019
N26 Bank GmbH Germany 04.11.2019
Revolut Ltd United Kingdom 01.06.2020
Revolut Payments UAB Lithuania 01.06.2020
Revolut Bank UAB Lithuania 07.03.2022

EPC: SEPA Instant Credit Transfer
Registers of Participants in SEPA Payment Schemes

Google Pay
Apple Pay
Vivid Money
Samsung Pay