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Apple Pay

Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day. You can make secure purchases in shops, in apps, and on the web. So it’s as simple as using your physical card, and safer too.

Using Apple Pay with your iPhone is as fast as using a debit or prepaid card. Because spending money shouldn’t mean spending more time at the register.

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Google Pay

Google Pay brings together all the ways you can pay with Google.

Enter your card information once and use it to:

  • Tap and pay to make purchases with your phone.
  • Buy items in apps and on websites.
  • Fill in forms automatically on Chrome.
  • Buy Google products.
  • Send money to friends and family (US only).

You can also use your gift cards, loyalty cards, tickets, and coupons with Google Pay when you shop at your favorite stores.

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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay lets you carry your credit, debit, gift and membership cards on your devices. Just take a photo of your card or a barcode, then tap to check out.

Carry your favorite cards on your devices so you can pay in-person, in-app or online. Plus, earn cash back and get extra rewards for the purchases you make every day.

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Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is a contactless payment solution designed for people who are always on the move. Whether you grab a cup of coffee after your morning run or get a bite to eat while out on a ride, Garmin Pay lets you make purchases quickly and almost effortlessly with nothing needed but your watch. No wallet? No phone? No problem.

With just a few quick touches, Garmin Pay is easily accessible from your compatible Garmin watch. Enter your passcode, select the right credit card from your virtual wallet, and then hold your wrist near the card reader — that’s it. No need to fumble for your phone, cards or cash.

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Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay makes shopping at your favorite places more seamless than ever. You can use it anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol.

Just add your credit or debit card to your Fitbit watch or tracker and you’re ready to go. Access your credit and debit cards anywhere. All from your wrist and without your wallet.

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